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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar – Highest Run scorer in ICC Cricket World Cups

Several batsmen have come and gone, several will come, but one name that will not lose its sheen ever is Sachin Tendulkar. Carrying the burden of billion people on his shoulders for over two decades is no easy task. And yet this man has weaved magic with his wizardry batting more often than not. Records are no barrier for this …

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Glenn Mcgrath

Glenn Mcgrath – Highest Wicket Taker in ICC Cricket World Cups

Given the batsmen oriented game that cricket has become, bowlers have found themselves cornered. However, there have always been the likes of bowlers who via sheer innovation have tried to counter the marauding batsmen. But among these bowlers was a statesman who relied solely upon disciplined bowling, pitching the bowl in the corridor of doubt (outside off stump). Yes we …

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Zimbabwe – Cricket World Cup Team Preview

Zimbabwe – Cricket World Cup Team Preview

The Zimbabwean cricket paints a sad and tragic story of what happens when politics and insurgency gets mixed with cricket. Once Zimbabwe had some of the finest players in the world and the team was at par with other strong teams. But now, times have changed and the poverty-ridden country is neither capable of supporting the growing popularity of cricket, …

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Bangladesh celebrate their famous victory against India in the 2007 Cricket World Cup

Bangladesh – Cricket World Cup Team Preview

Complacency in sport is one of the most feared reasons for defeats. And amidst some strong teams in the World Cup tournament, there is one particular team which enjoys spoiling others party. The Bangladesh Cricket Team has proved to be the true party spoilers in the ICC Cricket World Cup. Bangladesh was a late entrant to the ICC Cricket World …

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New Zealand's Cricket World Cup Battle for the Glory

New Zealand – Cricket World Cup Team Preview

New Zealand cricket share a special bonding with ICC tournaments. They have appeared in all editions of the World Cup including the inaugural edition in 1975. They have reached semi-finals 5 times. And they have also won the ICC Champions Trophy in the year 2000 besides ending up at runners-up position in the 2009 edition. Coming back to their World …

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Sri Lankans celebrate after their 1996 Cricket Word Cup win

Sri Lanka – Cricket Word Cup Team Preview

In the last two decades, apart from Australia, there’s probably no other team which matches Sri Lanka’s graph of consistency. And full credit goes to the islanders to reach so far from their ‘underdogs’ beginning. It took about 21 years for Sri Lanka to mark their presence in the ICC Cricket World Cup even though their neighbours India and Pakistan …

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England's Cricket World Cup Hopes

England – Cricket Word Cup Team Preview

For a nation that invented the game itself, it’s a big shame that England have never won the ICC Cricket World Cup even after making appearances in all 10 all of editions so far. Cricket is the National sport of England for a reason. The birth of the cricket happened here in the 16th century and by 18th century, England …

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Indian Cricket Team

India – Cricket Word Cup Team Preview

When India first won the ICC World Cup in 1975 under Kapil Dev’s captaincy, they surprised the whole cricketing world. It was because India had a terrible overseas record and had been eliminated in the previous two World Cups in the first round only. But since then, the scenario has changed. India bounced back into the tournament in the 2003 …

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South African team celebrating after chasing a world record 434

South Africa – World Cup Team Preview

South Africa proudly represents the African continent’s coming out of age in the cricketing world. While its other African counterparts like East Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia have faded away, South Africa has transformed itself into a strong cricketing team. They are considered ace in the shorter format of the game and at present are ranked 4th in ODI’s (as …

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1975’s victorious West Indies team pose at the Lord’s balcony

West Indies – World Cup Team Preview

The originals are still the best and you cannot ignore the West Indies team by any stretch of imagination. They are hungry, unpredictable and ruthless when in form. The West Indians were first to hold the ICC World Cup in its inaugural year in 1975 when Clive Llyod’s team beat Australia at the Lord’s. Then West Indies created history by …

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